Drain Clearing / Cleaning

We offer a drain clearing and high pressure cleaning service with our Honda High Pressure generator, which has a psi of up 3300. This machine can clean any drain from 110 mm diameter pipes down to domestic 32 mm pipes (i.e. basin p-traps) and we can clean up to 30 metres of drains which normally reaches from man hole to man hole. We offer a hot or cold water flush out - the hot water option being very effective.

Alongside the drain clearing/cleaning, we also offer a CCTV drain survey service. A digital colour camera is inserted into the drain which can pinpoint recurring problems such as root intrusion, cracked pipes, displaced/open joints, dipped pipes, collapsed drains or debris in the drain.

If any of these problems are discovered, we can address and fix the problems there and then (additional charge), to help prevent the drains blocking again.

Our machine is also ideal for cleaning a variety of hard surfaces including driveways, walls, stairwells and patios for example.
Our guide prices are noted below and are very competitive but we would be very happy to provide a no obligation quote at your convenience:

Drain Clearing/Cleaning: £110/hr
(Assitant usually required @ £35/hr)
CCTV/Inspection Camera: £75/hr
High Pressure Cleaning (driveways, walls, stairwells etc.): £50/hr

(Prices based on one man carrying out the job)
Conan Sharman Plumbing was recommended to me. This proved to be the best trade recommendation I have ever received.
Conan was asked to clear a problematic blockage in my kitchen drain..
Conan was very professional. He explained fully the purpose of his equipment prior to starting the job, while stressing how sensitive this would be to domestic plastic pipe work.
Conan was persistent and showed his versatility in tracing the problem location to clear the blockage.
Given the many thousands of flats in this City his solution to blockages in flats is ideal.
I thoroughly recommend Conan Sharman Plumbing.
You will get the job well done!
Stewart R, Trinity, Edinburgh